Saturday, November 15, 2008


everyone like understood pipiy will spend his daytime with atuk and nenek.. since encik abah shift pattern quite unpredictable and me also work in shift before.. so we never planned to send pipiy to nursery.. so after 1 year ++ (me got promoted, no more shift.. yeahhh!!) .. encik abah suggested to make up our room to be like nursery.. kekonon nk pipiy merasa.. look like x mcm nursery at all.. suke suke jek.. since pipiy pon like to head banging on the wall.. weng weng oredi.. our last visit to Toys R Us.. grab the tampal2 number.. actually x tau pon mende tuh name per.. hahaha.. so tampal jek kat dinding.. aku suke.. encik abah like it.. no more head banging for pipiy.. hehehe..

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