Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a wish from H@irul Muh@mm@d

we're celebrating our 4th Anniversary today ( 030606 - 030610).. i received thru FB at 12 a.m.. speechless!!

Happy 4th Year Anniversary My Dear...Alhamdulillah, I thank God for you.

Thank you for your patience when I lost it,
Thank you for your brilliance when I need it,
Thank you for the chance when I seek it,

Thank you for the exuberance when I lack of it,
Thank you for the romance, every minute of it,
Thank you for everything, you know I mean it


Thank you very much 'awak' for a wonderful 11 years of our relationship - from ur hoNiey


zueyie said...

so sweet.....jeles i...:D. Happy Annoversary capt..:)

CapT said...

tq tq

Cik Ani said...

sweet sgt capt.....apapun capt anniversary hg dgn amuk.....sama dgn hari jadi aku.....sama-samalah kita meraikannya nanti.............


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